The SuperHappy Trivia Challenge Welcomes You!
SuperHappy Productions has certainly been busy as of late, what with Troy's training to become a dancer, Tony's newfound ability to turn water into wine, and the inaugural episode of The SuperHappy Radio Hour. Of those three, you might ask, "what is The SuperHappy Radio Hour"? To that, we answer "Audio Awesomeness!"

Recorded at Magnetic 375 in front of a live audience, The SuperHappy Radio Hour is comedy for your ears. Inspired by the golden age of radio, The Radio Hour takes a look back at entertainments of yesteryear. Granted, when we look back, it's after a few shots of Robitussin mixed with Kahlua, so our vision may be a bit skewed. Regardless, a good time was had by all. Sorry you missed out? Don't be, as we have a link to the podcast for your listening enjoyment. The show, written by Adam Arthur, with additional material by Rodney Smith & Jeff Catanese, features some of Asheville's best and brightest actors and talents, such as Troy Burnette, Cody Magourik, Carrie Kimbrell, Darren Marshall, Rodney Smith, Allen Law, and hosted by the ethereal Jillian Summers.  Don't take our word for it, click the link above and give it a listen. And remember, the next recording will be May 5th, around 10:30 at Magnetic 375