The SuperHappy Trivia Challenge Welcomes You!
Hello,it's been awhile!!! The next episode for the SuperHappy Radio Hour will record Sunday, July 16th at the Magnetic theatre in the River Arts District. Showtime will be at 7:30. This month, we step into the world of SciFi as we travel to the future aboard the space ship, the Bucket, as the crew deals with the mysterious "space baby". 

Our last two episodes, A Look Back at History & Existential Ennui, can be found here & here. Both feature some truly funny work from Carrie Kimbrell Kimzy, Cody Magouirk, Darren Marshall, Adam Arthur, and Sarah Felmet, with exceptional sound design by Rodney Smith. 


07/13/2017 9:37am

So, can I check out this episode now? I am so excited about it now.

07/17/2017 1:35am

Yehey! I am happy to read your announcement. Being in a radio station is fun. I had my internship in a local radio station near our place. I am studying mass communication. It is my life-long dream to become a VJ and a reporter. Ever since I was a child, my parents always told me that I used to scream in joy everytime I see a reporter on a tv.

07/18/2017 12:48pm

Concerning regularly, to the purpose when your life seems pointless

07/20/2017 12:17am

We can wait whole week for a good episode of drama or radio theme of RJ’s, multiple persons do effort for a new and good sequel many character make a good story and it is difficult for actors to do a brilliant acting for those characters all actors make strong communication and do such a good thing for us.


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